Sam Huber


From his secret sonic lab in downtown Helsinki, Finland, Sam Huber has built a career cross-pollinating musical touchstones from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s with modern elements like hip-hop rhythms, trap beats, loops and more to create what he calls ’Future Funk.’ 

With over a dozen releases in the past five years, featuring collaborations with everyone from dancehall legend Hawkman to hiphop icon Bazerk and P-Funk alums Michael ”Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton and Amp Fiddler, remixes by the likes of Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Keith Shocklee (The Bomb Squad/Public Enemy) and Grammy winning producer Bill Laswell, Huber is nothing if not prolific. 

A powerhouse songwriter with eyes and ears always open, and guided by the steady hand of longtime producer Tomás Doncker, the one common thread that runs through his entire catalog is a relentless, undeniably funky groove. “It’s all about the groove,” he relates. “That subconscious funk that hits you on a primal level and gets into your soul. I’ve always tried to have that, in some aspect, embedded in the DNA of every record I’ve ever made.” Huber distills essences of everything from Berlin-era Bowie and vintage Philly soul to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Prince and even Tom Jones into his own genre-defying style, and the results are stellar every time.


“Helsinki soul, jazz, funk sensation Sam Huber Sam Huber has been celebrating music all of his life with the dream of performing every style of music known to man. His performances are flawless, lively, compelling, and triumphant.”